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The legend behind Tapas goes something like this: The thirteenth century Castilian king Alfonso X (the Wise) had taken ill and wanted to eat small snacks with his wine between meals (good lad) to keep up his strength. We aren’t suggesting you start drinking wine while ill… but he did make a full recovery! When he was back on his feet he passed a law that beer and wine served in bars had to be served with delicious food (what a legend).

Hence the meaning of “tapa” aka “lid”. The afternoon snack worked out perfectly for the workers of the time as they were now able to eat small snacks, drink and then back to their work until the day was done!


Served on a Pinchos

The difference between Pinchos and Tapas is that the pinchos is served with a toothpick that stops the food from falling off the bread. That’s why you’ll find a toothpick pierced in your pincho, which the Basque people call ‘pinxtos’.

All of our dishes are freshly prepared, changed daily depending on what we know will be delicious using the very best of locally sourced produce and served from open kitchen on the bar:

It’s all about sharing food with friends, eating at the bar and socialising so call in today grab a table and enjoy what our chefs have created for you.

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